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Ever since Trackem Café was opened, all I can think of was my bed and nothing else! If you are nearby, do come over! We are located in Menara U2 Apartment Section 13, Shah Alam. HAHAHA sometimes when I look at myself, I was like shit man, what are you doing with your life? It is so unpredictable! Life is so full of surprises!

Moving on! As I promised myself to blog about my two HOLIEST OF THE HOLIEST grail foundation in my Snapchat, (Snapchat is the shit nowadays hands down) so here we go!

Dior Air Flash Foundation
Colour: 201
PROS: It is sooooo goooood that I have to repurchase it (and the Airflash CC Primer too) because it is that good! Currently using my second bottle. Such a light foundation but flawless finish! There is just no denying the beautiful natural finish this foundation creates. Most amazing is how it evens out my skin tone, covers my dark spots and my skin still looks like natural skin! Yes, my skin looks naturally flawless! It’s so amazing! Please try it, be it testers or something. Just head to KLCC Dior counter and ask the staffs to try it on you. You’ll be amazed! I promise!
CONS: This foundation is a light to medium coverage. Does not last that long, probably up to 6 hours in this tropical country. Must be used with Airflash CC Primer to get the flawless result. Tried using with other primer, foundation turned out cakey. (But I forgot what primer I used, heh. )

Marc Jacobs reMARCable Foundation Concentrate
Colour: 28
I already blogged about it, but after some times this it what I feel about the product.
PROS: Long lasting, up to 12 hours! No joke! Even when I sweat, the foundation stays! It’s so amazing! I’m not sure how to explain this but- when I sweat, the water sat on the foundation; they didn’t blend together. I guess that’s why the foundation stays for so long. This foundation is ultra full coverage without being thick. It’s so easy to blend and it really meshes with the skin to create a beautiful, full coverage finish with a satin/matte finish. All you need is 3 dots of the concentrate on your face and blend it and you’re done! It is extremely pigmented too!
CONS: It is not moisturizing. Since I have super-dry skin, I had to exfoliate using face scrub and moisturize my skin for a night with face oil or sleeping mask to get rid of dry patches before I put the foundation on the next morning.

P/S: Some tips for you before you purchase any foundation, especially these overpriced-foundations. Try it on your face first, before you decide to purchase it. What I did was, I went to Sephora with my bare face. I just did my eyes and brows, and nothing on my face. I wasn’t sure which colour suits me so I asked the staff to try Marc 27 on my left side of my face and Marc 28 on the right side. I even brought my own brush to try the foundations because it’s more hygienic. Then I went out for a walk and after few hours, I checked my face again to see which side is better. Hewhewhew

Marc 1 - 0 Dior

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